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You only have 3 seconds

Believe it or not. You only have 3 seconds to convince your prospect to pause and listen to you. All the long hours you put in to build great product depends on how fast you pitch. What if a website can retain your audiences attention and do the pitch for you?

Beyond aesthetics

A good design creates positive energy. A sense of happiness and motivation to build on a already productive day. A beautiful website paves way to better user experience. Give your prospect the extra mile to learn about the values you bring to the table.

Reinforce your passion

Behind every person lies a deep passion that turns dreams into reality. No matter who you are, an app developer, an outdoor photographer, a social media influencer or a social activist – let website encapsulates every imagination you have so that some day it inspires others to dream the dream you do.

We are  LJ Media

Our Website Ideology

Design Concept

Our minimalistic approach lets you put the core value of your product or services at the center of your message.

Our sleek design allows the web interface to appear modern and smooth. So that we can guide your audience to learn about your value in a much intuitive way.

The Hierarchy

From site structure and navigation to font style, sizes and pairing, every composition is designed to make the flow of your content pleasing to the eye.

The Purpose

Our minimalistic approach lets you put the core value of your product or services at the center of your message.

Websites can be used to achieve any goal. For some business owners, they create a website so that their businesses can be discovered on Google. For others, like freelance photographers, websites are used to showcase wedding, food, travel or portrait photos. Bloggers, use them to tell their story online and grow a fan base. 

At LJ Media, we understand that there are times companies, especially the small and medium businesses lack the marketing expertise to set up the website on both front and back end logistics.

We are here to help.

We are here to create a modern, sleek & professional looking website to brands in Penang or global. Get in touch with us to start an early assessment to setting up your first website.

Yeap Kuan Chin

co-founder, LJ Media

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